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Alanya - Caves

     It would not be false to call Alanya "City of caves". You can discover the mysterious world of land and sea caves in Alanya.
While wandering around the magical world of stalactites and dickites that have formed inside the land caves, which came to existence millions of years ago, in thousands of decades, you can also witness forming of new ones. This witnessing, with the illumination and decoration inside the cave, will drag you into a fantastic movie. Kadıini Cave, not opened for visitations yet, was the first home of people of Alanya 20 thousand years ago. Sea caves under the peninsula hosts myths whose origins date back to ancient times of history.

Damlataş Cave
There is a 50 meters long passage along the entrance of the cave which is located on the west coasts of the historical peninsula. After the passage, whose height is about 15 meters, there is a cylindrical space through which you enter the cave. Stalactites and dickites of the cave, remaining close to semi-crystallized calcareous layers, have formed in 15 thousand years. The cave is famous not only for its captivating beauty but also its air that is good for those who has asthma. The air never changes whether it is summer or winter; it is always 22 C° hot, moisture is %95 and constant pressure is 760 mm.

Dim Cave
The cave is located on the mountainside of Cebel-i Reis mountains, which is 1.649 meters high and 12 kilometers west of Alanya. The cave is 232 meters high from the sea. It is the second big cave to have been opened to visitors. It is estimated to be a million years old. There are two passages going forward into the mountain, one of which is 50 meters long and the other one is 360 meters long. There is a small lake in the depths of the cave which also has stalactites and dickites. The scene you see when you walk the stairs seems like decorations of a fictional movies.
Korsanlar Mağarası (Pirates Cave)

It is a sea cave under the historical peninsula. To reach the cave, boats are used. The entrance is 10 meters wide and 6 meters high. It is possible to enter the cave with little boats. According to a rumour, there is a passage to the castle inside the cave. Appearances of rocks at the bottom of the sea make the cave more and more mysterious.

Aşıklar Mağarası(Lovers' Cave)
It is a 75 meters long cave located on one side of the peninsula with 2 entrances. After the boat edges in with the rock, you are to climb the rocks to enter the cave. Due to its low ceiling, it is a must to crouch while walking. The cave's entrance near Damlataş is 8 meters high from the sea so you are able to jump and dive in the sea from here.

Fosforlu Mağarası(Phosphorous Cave)
It is a sea cave on the side of the peninsula near Damlataş. You can enter the cave with little boat. Resulted from the geological structure of the cave, the floor glitters like phosphor with the moon shining on it at nights. The glittering can be recognized in mornings as well. Touring boats stop for brief swimming break in front of the cave.