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Alanya - Beaches

Alanya's beaches are very wide and blue flagged. Blue flag is an international symbol that indicates clearness and suitability to the beach standards of swimmable seas, which also checks these. If a sea has these features, it will be blue flagged just for one year. Every other week, the sea's microbiological and physicochemical specialities are reanalysed.

In Alanya, the sea's colour turns into turquoise from blue aside the coasts. You are likely to see fish with naked eye when the weather is calm.

Alanya's downtown's west and east coasts are beaches. On the west there are Damlataş and Cleopatra and on the east there are Keykubat and Portakal beaches. Out the town, there are Ulaş, Konaklı, Fuğla, İncekum, Mahmutlar beaches.

Other than international regulations, there are other regulations approved by local administrations at beaches. According to these ones, it is free to enter beaches and have a shower there. Sunbed and parasol charged, but these services are not compulsory for visitor. Prices of goods do not change at any canteens serving at beaches.

Boats and vessels for water sports can not enter areas which are seashores and a distance away from them to seas. Swimming sites are bordered with barriers. Security is ensured by private security services on land and maritime police on sea.

It is the beach in front of Damlataş Cave, on the west of the historical peninsula. It is blue flagged. The sea and beach are sandy. The beach leans its borders to the skirts of the peninsula. According to a legend, Egyptian Queen Cleopatra swimmed here in this bay when she visited Alanya during a military expedition to the Mediterranean region. Cleopatra Bay's speciality is its waters' serenity.


It is a part of Damlataş Beach and approximately 2 kilometers long. It is blue flagged. The sea and beach are sandy. It is quite wide. The depth of the sea is as long as a human's length after 3-4 steps away from the coast. It is the most popular beach of Alanya. It hosts tens of thousands of people in summers. The sunset is a majestic view to see there.
Handicapped girl at beach

It is on the east of the historical peninsula. It is blue flagged. The sea and beach are sandy, there are burstones around some parts of the beach as well. Owing to its parklands and touristic facilities' green fields lie along its coast, it is known as Begonvil Beach too.
It is nearly a kilometer long, located on the east coast of town center. It is blue flagged. On its back, there are magnificant view of Toros Mountains. It has sandbanks some of which are about 100 meters long. You can swim in fresh waters around where brooks flow into.


It is on the west of Alanya, five kilometers far and near the road. It is formed into a picnic are on a rocky headland. The bay to which there are stairs leading is the beach. The sea and beach are sandy. The beach is mecca for boats which go on daytrips. There are plants, flowers and trees of maquis kind, glamourizing around. You have to pay an entry fee to enter the picnic area and beach.
The sea and beach are sandy. The sands are of a kind which do not stick to your body, are extremely thin and have a golden color. The sea is not deep. The beach is ideal for kids who are still learning swimming.

There are tenting points and picnic areas for those who are on a daytrip in one part of the camp, which is in a pine forest, while there are facilities of the ministry of forestry in the other part. The beach part is a little bay, which starts at the point where pine trees disappear. You have to pay an entry fee to enter the camp and beach.

It is in a bay on the west of Alanya, 20 kilometers far. Some boats which go on daytrips stop at Fuğla Bay to have lunch and swim. The sea and beach are sandy while edges are rocky.
The sea and beach is sandy, while some points are full of burstones. A part of the nearly five kilometers long beach is natural. It is free to enter the beach.

It is a beach, nearly two kilometers long. There are canteens serving the beach on the coast.

It is a few kilometers long. There are canteens of touristic facilities.

It is a beach and conglomerate long as far as the eye can reach. There are canteens and the beach is generally natural.