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Tourism For All

Welcome to the Web Platform of Tourism for All

In the accordance with the integration of handicapped people’s to the society strategy which is based on “Accessible Tourism” it is aimed handicapped people’s acquiring their rights of joining the social life by having holiday receiving respect and equal treatment. This target is only possible by carrying on the work that enables domestic and foreign tourist’s transportability and accessibility correctly.

Because of the reasons that are stated above www.tourismforall.org.tr (Accessible Tourism Project) which is the whole Turkey’s accessible voice has been managed by ministry of family and social policies, handicapped and the old services directorship, Alanya municipality, Alanya chamber of commerce and industry and Alanya tourism management society in coordinatorship of Tourism and Culture Ministry.

Accessible Tourism City Alanya Project was prepared in Alanya county municipal settlement with the aim of ensuring transportability for everybody and to reach the necessary technical, institutional, national and international advertisements, marketing and financial coordination conducting and implementation of projects which will improve Accessible tourism and the protocol below was signed by all counterparties in 02.12.2011.



Article 1-
  The counterparties of this protocol are  T.R. Tourism and Culture Ministry, T.R. Ministry of family and social policies, Handicapped and the old services directorship, T.R. Alanya municipality mayorship, Alanya chamber of commerce and industry and  Alanya tourist operators society.


Article 2- Stated in this protocol;

Ministry: Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism

General Directorate: Republic of Turkey ministry of Family and Social Policy, General Directorate of Services for People with Disabilities and Elderly People

Municipality: Alanya Municipality Mayorship

A.L.T.S.O. : Alanya Chamber Of Commerce And Industry

A.L.T.I.D. : Alanya Touristic Hoteliers Associations

Project: Accessible Tourism City Alanya Project

International advertisement slogan: “Tourism for All”

National advertisement slogan: “Alanya for All”

Commission: It is going to be formed by the people which protocol coordinators decide. It represents “Accessible Tourism City Alanya Project”


Article 3- The point of this protocol is specifying the rights and responsibilities of the parties on activities which will be conducted in residential areas under the responsibility of Alanya Municipality within the context of “Accessible Tourism City Alanya Project”.


Article 4- “Accessible Tourism City Alanya Project” which is a matter of this protocol is providing the accessibility for everyone in the residential area of Alanya and providing technical, institutional, national and international presentation, marketing and financial cooperation to prepare and apply the projects for developing tourism for handicapped people.

Constituting a Commission and Its Duties:

Article 5- A commission which involves the representers of the protocol partners is constituted. Commission is constituted with people chosen by parties. When necessary, commission may demand representer or information from real people or corporations although they aren’t members of commission. Commission is supposed to conduct the tasks below,

a) Staging the tasks by forming a project schedule.

b) Determining the obstacles and preparing a report on accessibility to the municipal services in residential areas under the responsibility of Alanya municipality.

c) Determining the application principles to remove the obstacles and action planning.

d) Cooperating on financing the projects prepared.

e) Applying the financed projects.

f) Presentation and marketing of the completed projects at national and international level.

g) Conducting the tasks to observe and evaluate the Project in the name of the parties.

h) Preparing the survey forms to keep a record of the statistical information and reporting this information via touristic establishments and agencies.

The Responsibilities of the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture

Article 6- The ministry will be the coordinator of the tasks stated in the protocol.

a) As part of financial aid given by our ministry, the demand of subsidy of Alanya Municipality for services about roads, pavements, parks and beaches within the works of “Accessible Tourism City Alanya Project” will be prioritized.

b) Our ministry will start a practice on awarding the establishments serving in public places with “Certificate of Accessibility” which is a prestigious certificate if those establishments have regulations above average on accessibility. Thus, the establishments will be encouraged to increase their total bed amount and facilities for handicapped people.

c) Banking Association will be contacted by our ministry to give renovation loan or loan with low interest to the establishments such as tourism facilities, travel agents, yachts, marines if they make necessary regulations on accessibility.

d) As the ministry, finance ministry and Prime Minister Treasure undersecretaries will be contacted for the promotions to encourage the tourism facilities for handicapped.

e) As the ministry, "iller bankası a.ş" will be contacted to provide equipment’s and the tools for the Alanya Municipality.

f) In the scope of the programme " working education" which is held by the research and education department of our ministry an education programme for the workers in the tourism sector about attainability and the needs of the handicapped  people and awareness of disability.

g) As the ministry, advertisement materials like leaflet and a cd with the information of contacts of the places and facilities and the products and services about this private market will be produced and used  at home and abroad in the tourism fairs Alanya municipality and facilities which have done the needed renovations for handicapped tourism will initially be supported.

h)  The preparation of the “attainable Alanya for everybody- city guide “which consist the attainability of the city detail and will be pressed by A.L.T.S.O. will be supported. i) Alanya and its neighbourhood will be initial in the works of making the historical and cultural places which are under our ministry accessible.

Article 7

The Responsibilities of General Directorate of Services for People with Disabilities and Elderly People

a) Managers and the technical staff in the municipality will be given a seminar for the attainability , needs of the handicapped people and the renovation for attainability and will be taught by the staff of our headquarter.

b) Technical information support will be given to use renovation works in the scope of this programme.

Article 8

The Responsibilities of Alanya Municipality

a) All the expenditure spent and every kind of document, place, equipment and technical support will be provided.

b) Needed expenditure will be shown on budget for the commissions offers.

c) Municipality will regard the commissions offers an the initial for the projects prepared by the individuals or corporates. Municipality will gain the update T.S.E standards and make the renovations up to these standards. Besides these standards if parties agree EU and/or UN and standards specified by the project team can also be accepted.

d) If the parties agree municipality will provide for the expenditure of travel and the accommodation of the technical service staff to see the examples at home and abroad.

e) After the sign of the protocol Alanya municipality will organize a "handicapped city service unit", and employ temporary or permanent staff with the rule based employing rules to provide the persistence, furthermore technical, administrative and helping staff will be employed.

f) New buildings and commercial buildings will be controlled for the standards and new rules and punishments will be prepared to oblige the old buildings to pass the standards.

Article 9

The Responsibilities of Alanya Chamber of Commerce and Industry

a) Alanya Chamber Of Commerce and Industry will charge a person to represent the institution.

b) Alanya Chamber Of Commerce and Industry will provide the cash fot projects working  for the aim of the protocol.

c) Alanya Chamber Of Commerce and Industry will give information and education to the all members of the chamber and try to make more "handicapped friendly business".

d) Member businesses which will make the renovations for the standards specified by the commission and the handicapped tourism city vision will be helped to get the loan that is needed and will be helped to fasten the structural renovations.

e) Visual, digital and pressed arguments will be prepared for advertisement and promotion.

f) These arguments will be presented in all seminars, panels and fairs attended by.

g) Economical support will be provided for the staff who attend the fairs at home and abroad for the aims of the protocol.

h) Some actions will be done on periodicals to increase the awareness.

Article 10

The Responsibilities of Alanya Touristic Hoteliers Associations

a) Alanya Touristic Hoteliers Associations will charge a person to represent the institution.

b) Alanya Touristic Hoteliers Associations will make announcements to make project understandable by the touristic facilities.

c) Alanya Touristic Hoteliers Associations will promote the tourism businesses to make the applications become widespread.

d) Alanya Touristic Hoteliers Associations will charge a person to join the research journeys at home and abroad, and provide to the common budget for the expenditure of the journeys and advertisements.

e) Alanya Touristic Hoteliers Associations will accommodate the working groups on this project in our town.

f) Alanya Touristic Hoteliers Associations will make a work for an example accessible beach for the disabled people’s usage.

g) Alanya Touristic Hoteliers Associations will organize educational activities for the touristic businesses and try to make the people join it.

h)  The presentation of   the institutions that are handicapped friendly aimed at their major capacities to handicapped will be done via cd, leaflets and booklets in national and international tourism advertising.

 i) This works will be appeared in the press by undertaking   the project’s emblem and banner studies.

j) Some works will be done for the Accessible Tourism in accordance with the commission decisions   and based upon qualifications regulations.

k) Cut- price holiday opportunities will be presented to the handicapped people in national and international area during the project.

Protocol Period

Article 11: Protocol period is 36 months, however, if the parties require, this period can be prolonged with reconciliation.

Article 12: This herein the protocol has been prepared as 5 copies and it consists of 12 articles and 5 pages. This protocol will become valid since date 02. 12.2011 After it’s signed.