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Accessible Recreation Center

Engelsiz Park ve Yaşam Merkezi - Accessible Playground and Recreation CenterYıldız Yok

+90 242 513 43 45
Saray Mah. Huriler Sok. No:12
Main Features

There are management office, game and activity room, library and computer room, rest room, kitchen, barrier-free toilettes for men and women, consultancy desk and a terrace to rest on the basement and there are psychologist’s office, physiotherapist’s room, meeting room and barrier-free toilettes for men and women on the first floor of the Accessible Park and Recreation Center, which started to serve within “Alanya for All” Project in 2012. In addition to all the architectural components’ (ramp, tactile surfaces for blind people, lift for people with disabilities, toilettes etc.) being arranged suitable for the service of people with disabilities, the functional components used in interior design (computer and Braille printer for blind people, components for people with disabilities to play game, chessboards for blind people) were made suitable for all people with all kinds of disabilities.
Moreover, the hardware, developed in ODTÜ-KOSGEB technology center to make people with disabilities having difficulties using computer or unable to use it because of their disabilities, was made available for people in public places in Accessible Park and Recreation Center by Alanya Municipality first time in Turkey.
The system called MİMİK, which enables people with disabilities use a computer by moving their lips or heads, blinking or raising their heads, was made available in computer room and library of the center. It will also give game, sport, atelier and relaxation opportunities to its guests in game and activity room, library, large terrace connected to rest room and with its garden it will give them to do all those activities outdoors in Alanya whose weather conditions are mild most of the year. It also forms favorable environment for children to play in its garden with playground and swing for people with disabilities.
It also gives the families the opportunity to relax on its large terrace and garden while children play in the game room and playpen securely. 

This center supplies services to all the people with disabilities to meet and spend their free time comfortably, hosts all the governmental agencies and civil society organizations to give conferences about the matter, raises awareness on people with disabilities with workshops and develops their knowledge and qualifications. Moreover, with psychologist, physiotherapist, child development expert, sign language translator, project expert and consultant, the Accessible Park and Recreation Center has been made accessible to the public as a place where people with disabilities and their families can get consultancy services to solve their problems.

Services of Accessible Park and Recreation Center Experts

• The Turkish sign language translator, who works for Accessible Park and Recreation Center, provides free translation service to deaf people who live in Alanya or have come to Alanya as a tourist with their businesses in governmental agencies such as district governorate, municipalities, courthouse, hospital, notary and title deeds office.

• The psychologist who works for Accessible Park and Recreation Center provides psychological consultancy to the individuals with disabilities and their families and organizes seminars to raise awareness according to demands.

• Child development experts, who work for Accessible Park and Recreation Center, provide service for children with disabilities to gain qualifications like daily life, self-care, cognitive development, psychomotor development, language development and communal living by games.

• The physiotherapist, who works for Accessible Park and Recreation Center, gives proper therapeutic exercises to people who have physical disabilities evaluating their skeletal system, muscle power, length and flexibility and monitors those exercises regularly.

• Handicraft teacher, who works for Accessible Park and Recreation Center, conducts various artistic activities aiming the people with disabilities and their relatives spend their daily life with social activities. The teacher conducts different activities which will develop creative thinking, eye-hand coordination and feeling of success regarding the artistic talents of the individuals with disabilities and their relatives. 

Alanya Municipality Accessible Park and Recreation Center is conducting practices in the areas below;

• Implementing coordination and cooperation between the institutions and organizations on issues such as preventing disability, education, employment, rehabilitation, social adaptation and other issues.

• Following the developments in the institutions operating businesses related to people with disabilities, implementing coordination and cooperation between them, inquiring their problems and solutions for them, preparing offers and leading offers to be prepared on this issue.

• Making examination and researches, collecting statistical information, preparing projects on this matter, examining those projects, evaluating and applying them in matters related to people with disabilities.

• Cooperating with volunteer institutions and local governments, preparing projects together and supporting the presented projects.

• Helping related institutions and organizations to make necessary examination and researches on detecting people with disabilities who need help and making them benefit from judicial rights.

• Making the practices of city effective and productive by gathering all the parties who work for people with disabilities.

•Coordinating a database formation which contains all people with disabilities living in borders of Alanya, collecting the statistical information about the people with disabilities from national institutions and organizations and evaluating them.

• Visiting individuals who can’t come to Accessible Park and Recreation Center at their homes to let them access services.

•Evaluating the cash, food, medical stuff, and a like demand of the people with disabilities who live within the borders of the city and making necessary studies possible.

• Preparing project, panel, symposium, conference, seminar and activities alike about employment, physical environmental planning, health, sport, rehabilitation and awareness and education about disability.

• Searching, evaluating and producing solutions about people with disabilities benefit from social, cultural, sportive facilities, areas and public transport.