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Resim albümü

The second meeting of the committee, which was constituted to provide accessibility for all in Alanya and to develop Accessible tourism within cooperation protocol and Accessible Tourism City Alanya Project, was held.  

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism, vice president of head of auditors of general directorate of investment and enterprises İrfan Akıncı, Culture and Tourism expert Seda Sürücü, Auditor Yeliz Özmetin, The Mayor of Alanya Municipality Hasan Sipahioğlu, Levent Beanl  as a representer of Alanya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ALTSO), Hasan Şakiroğlu as a representer of Alanya Tourist Operators Association (ALTİD), Parks and gardens director İ. Nazmi Uyar attended the meeting which was held in Alanya Municipality Accessible Playgroundand Recreation Center.  

The decisions taken in the committee meeting of Accessible Tourism City Alanya Project on 15.05.2012

1) The Accessible Classification Form in Touristic Facilities prepared by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture has been evaluated by all the parties and the parties will inform the committee secretary in written form if they want to add articles.

2) For the area which was stated in the first article of the workgroup meeting of Alanya on 12.03.2012, the projects prepared again as the addition of the technical research report, which will be prepared by Alanya Municipality, will be made ready until the next meeting of the committee. 

3) Training of awareness will be given to hotel and beach staff, whose name will be listed by ALTİD, by the physiotherapist, psychologist, Turkish sign language and accessibility expert of Alanya Municipality Accessible Playgroundand Recreation Center.

4) A report about all completed structural applications, awareness training and exercises like panel for people with disabilities by Alanya Municipality will be prepared and shared with the parties 

5) The demanded subjects from TÜRSAB by The Ministry of Culture and Tourism with an official letter numbered 96499 and dated 02.05.2012 will be monitored by Mr. Levent Benal and the candidates will be informed about the issue during the next committee meeting.

6)A representative from Committee’s each protocol partner of Alanya will make an observation in the areas determined and applied in written by the Committee earlier( Sapadere Canyon- District Governorate)and those representatives will inform the Committee and this institution about the deficiencies.  

7) An accessibility technical training seminar will be given by the General Directorate of Handicapped and Elderly Services to technical staff working in Alanya Municipality Accessible Playgroundand Recreation Center, the technical staff of the other municipalities around, the authorities of TAV Gazipaşa airport and all the other individuals whose attendance at the seminary will be beneficial.

8) To detect the accessibility of Alanya Castle and Alanya Museum, the representatives determined in article 6 will make observations and they will give a report to The Ministry of Culture and Tourism about their findings.