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Teachers and students of Türkan Sabancı School for the Visually Impaired, who came to Alanya for chess and goalball tournaments, toured the historical places of Alanya before matches with company of Alanya Municipality Accessible Park and Recreation
08.05.2016 >>
The advertising of the battery operated wheelchair charging station, which will ease the lives of people with disabilities and their relatives, was made in the station which was put in Harbor region.
27.10.2015 >>
Six Points Association of The Blind members, who spend their holiday in Alanya, visited Red Tower, Dockyard and Kemal Atlı Culture House which locates on Alanya Castle.
19.08.2015 >>
Six Points Association of The Blind members, who follow the applications of Alanya Municipality for people with disabilities, preferred Alanya as holiday destination to have relaxing holiday.
17.08.2015 >>
Culture and Consolidation Association for Blinds visited the Unimpeded Park and Life Center of Alanya Municipality. The Unimpeded Park and Life Center was introduced to total 35 association members including the branch representatives from İstanbul
10.04.2015 >>