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The desk of Alanya Municipality in the 9th Accessible Life Fair (EYAF) grabbed a lot of visitors in Istanbul. On the 4th day of the fair, the desk of Alanya Municipality took a lot of visitors and politicians apart from the people with disabilities.
04.12.2016 >>
ADAN THANKS MAYOR YÜCEL FOR ACCESSIBLE CITY MHP Vise Chairman Celal Adan and MHP Istanbul Province Chairman Mehmet Bülent Karataş visited the desk of Alanya Municipality taking part in Accessible Life Fair in Istanbul. Vice Chairman Adan, who liked
03.12.2016 >>
Alanya Municipality took part in Accessible Life Fair in Istanbul Fair Center with slogan “Accessible Tourism City Alanya”. Alanya municipality, taking place in the Accessible Life Fair (EYAF) whose 9th session is taking place this year for the first
01.12.2016 >>
18 students with mental disabilities who reside in Ankara Social Care Accessible Recreation Center and 10 specialist teachers preferred Alanya to have their holiday.
05.09.2016 >>
Teachers and students of Türkan Sabancı School for the Visually Impaired, who came to Alanya for chess and goalball tournaments, toured the historical places of Alanya before matches with company of Alanya Municipality Accessible Park and Recreation
08.05.2016 >>